Seylan Kandak Akkan

was born in 1981 in Istanbul.


After graduating from Saint-Joseph French High School in 2000, she has studied Photography in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University, completing her studies as the valedictorian of the year 2004.


In her school years she has especially worked on experimental photography and cubism techniques in photography. Seylan Kandak has completed her Master of Arts degree between 2004 – 2007 in Paris 8 (Saint-Denis) University, Photography and Multimedia Department, where she has developed exhibition projects in the field of fragmental photography.


In 2018, she graduated from University Paris1 – Sorbonne Plastic Arts Master 1 degree. She is still student for Master 2 in the same university.


Her works have been part of solo and collective exhibitions both in Turkey and in France starting from her early years at the university. Most importants of these exhibitions are, the collectif exhibition “The Passage Saint Denis” at the chuch 3 patrons in Paris at 2006, the solo exhibition of “The fragments of urban dreams” at Arles and in and The Wagg at Paris in 2007 and the solo exhibition of “Voyages&Placebo” at the Ekav art gallery in Istanbul in 2011. The artist currently lives and works in Paris and Barcelona.